Testing Facilities by Company

The following list of testing facilities are current members of SATA. This list is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of testing facilities in the world - just in our membership. The representatives are not necessarily the point of contact for that facility. Please visit the facility website to learn about that facility and who to contact for more information.

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Country Member Since
Aerodyn Aerodyn Wind Tunnel LLC Gary  Eaker USA 2008
AFRL - Air Force Research Lab SARL (Subsonic Aerodynamic Research Laboratory) and VWT (Vertical Wind Tunnel) Robert Guyton USA 1965
Airbus Helicopters Eurocopter Low Speed Wind Tunnel Vincent Bichon France 2013
Airbus Operations GmbH Low Speed Wind Tunnel Bremen Klaus Muthreich Germany 1993
Airbus Operations Ltd Filton Low Speed Wind Tunnel (FLSWT) Mick Simmons UK 2004
AUDI AG Audi Wind Tunnel Centre; Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel; Thermal Wind Tunnel, Climatic Wind Tunnel Joerg Mueller Deutschland 1999
Auto Research Center   Mike  Camosy  USA 1999
Bihrle Applied Research, Inc. Large-Amplitude Multi-Purpose (LAMP) Wind Tunnel Edward Dickes USA 1993
BMT Fluid Mechanics Limited 1- Large Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Facility 4.8x2.7x15m  2-Auronautical Wind Tunnel Facility 2.7x 2.3m  3-Rolling Road Wind Tunnel Facility 2.3x1.6x6m Volker  Buttgereit UK 2014
BMW Group BMW Windkanal  +  AEROLAB der BMW Group Holger Winkelmann Germany 2005
Boeing LSAF  Low Speed Aeroacoustic Facility (LSAF) Donn Perkins USA 2001
Boeing Philadelphia BVWT 20ft x 20ft Robert Wozniak USA 1965
Center for Aerodynamics, Aeroelastics and Aeroacoustics Technology (BBTA3), The Agency for Assesment and Application of Technology (BPPT) Indonesian Low Speed Tunnel (ILST) 3m x 4m x 10m Fariduzzaman 0 INDONESIA  1997
Chrysler LLC AAWT (Aeroacoustic wind tunnel - full scale), AMTF(Aerodynamic Model Test Facility - 3/8 scale) Todd Lounsberry USA 1970
CSIR - Aerotek /  Defencetek LSWT (2.2mx1.5m), 7mWT (7.5mx6.5m) Peter Skinner South Africa 1988
Daihatsu Motor Co.   Kenta Otsubo Japan 2012
DNW DNW-LLF (Large Low-speed Facility ), DNW-LST , DNW-NWB , DNW-KKK ( cryogenic facility) Christophe Hermans The Netherlands 1978
Durham University   David Sims-Williams England 2015
FKFS 22.5 m2 aeroacoustic, 1.6m2 1:4-scale, 4 / 6 m2 automotive environmental wind tunnel Jochen Wiedemann Germany 1999
Ford Motor Company Drivability Test Facility (DTF) Jonathan Gesek USA 2001
GM Aerodynamics Laboratory Aerodynamics Laboratory Jeffrey Bordner USA 1965
Honda R&D Americas, Inc.   James McKillen USA 2013
HONDA R&D Co., Ltd. Full Scale Automobile Aerodynamic & Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel Munetsugu KANEKO Japan 2012
IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries Low Speed/High Speed/Hypersunic Wind Tunnels Shlomo Levy Israel 1990
iFLY/SkyVenture   Alan Metni USA 2015
INCAS INCAS Subsonic WT 2.5m x 2m Corneliu Ioan Stoica Romania 2015
Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety open-jet wind tunnel to subject full-scale, one- or two-story residential structures and commercial buildings to multiple wind related natural perils Murray Morrison USA 2013
JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 6.5m x 5.5m Low Speed Wind Tunnel, 2m x 2m Low Speed Wind Tunnel Shigeru Hamamoto Japan 1998
KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)   Byeong Hee Chang  South Korea 1999
Lockheed Georgia Low Speed Wind Tunnel Mark Perry USA 1965
Low Speed Aerodynamics Institute of China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center (CARDC) 12m×16m/8m×6m Low Speed Wind Tunnel Haisheng Sun CHINA 2010
McLaren Racing Wind Tunnel   Chris Saunders England 2012
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Full Scale Wind Tunnel Masahiro Yoshida JAPAN 1998
Monash University 1.4 MW Wind Tunnel David Burton Australia 2000
NASA - Glenn Research Center   Martin  Krupar USA 1981
NASA Langley Research Center 14-by 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel Donald Smith US 1965
National Defense Academy 1.5 m x 1.5 m Low Speed Wind Tunnel Masashi Kashitani Japan 2014
National Research Council of Canada (NRC) NRC 2 x 3-meter  Marco Colagrande Canada 1965
NAVAIR Naval Aerodynamic Test Facility (NATF) Terence (Terry) Ghee USA 1993
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division 8- by 10-ft Subsonic Wind Tunnel Monica Walker U.S.A 1965
NFAC Wind Tunnel 40x80 and 80x120 Wind Tunnel Facility Jeff Johnson USA 1965
Nihon University Low Speed Wind Tunnel, 2 m x 2 m Hajime  Fujita Japan 1989
Northrop Grumman  7'X10' Low Speed Wind Tunnel Motgan Whites USA 2015
Old Dominion University, USA Langley Full-Scale Tunnel (LFST) Colin Britcher USA 1997
ONERA DPT (GMT)   Grégoire d'Ozouville  France  1983
Politechnico de Milano GVPM (Galleria del Vento del Politecnico di Milano) Gabriele Campanardi Italy 2002
QinetiQ (Split from DRA Farnborough) 5m Wind Tunnel Ian Smith United Kingdom 1969
Railway Technical Research Institute   Atsushi Ido Japan  1998
Royal Thai Air Force Academy (RTAFA) Subsonic Research Wind Tunnel Oran Buathong THAILAND 2010
RUAG LWTE 7m x  5m &  AWTE 2.45m x 1.55m Andreas Hauser Switzerland 1995
San Diego Air & Space Technology Center SD LSWT  8x12 Dave Massey USA 1994
Sverdrup / AEDC PWT 16T, PWT 4T Doyle Veazey USA 1981
Technical University of Darmstadt TUD-NWK 2,2m x 3 m Klaus Hufnagel Germany 1986
Technical University of Dresden   Veith  Hildebrand Germany  1993
Technische Universität München, Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Wind Tunnel A: Large-model Wind Tunnel Thomas Dr. Indinger Germany 2012
Texas A&M 7'X10' Low Speed Wind Tunnel Edward White USA 1965
Tongji University Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center Zhigang Yang China 2010
Toyota Central R&D   Osamu Murata Japan 2012
TU Braunschweig Prpoulsion Test Facility Braunschweig Jens Friedrichs Germany 2014
TUBITAK-SAGE  Ankara Wind Tunnel Suleyman Kurun TURKEY 2000
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Aeronautical Laboratory Wan Khairuddin Wan Ali Malaysia 2002
Universitry of Maryland Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel Jewel Barlow USA 1965
University of Dayton/UDRI Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) Aaron Altman USA 2006
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Automotive Center of Excellence Gary  Elfstrom Canada 2011
US Air Force Academy 0.6 Mach Closed Circuit Tunnel, two 100 ft/sec open circuit tunnels  Thomas Yechout USA 1980
US Army AMRDEC 7'X10' Low Speed Wind Tunnel Nili Gold USA 2011
US Naval Academy 60x42" Closed-Circuit Wind Tunnel Daniel Rodgerson USA 1979
USDA-ARS-Aerial Application Technology LSWT 4 ft X 4 ft X 48 ft (0-15 mph); LT: 6 ft X 6 ft X 45 ft  (20-85 mph); HSWT: 1 ft X 1 ft (15-220 mph) Clint Hoffmann USA 2013
Vigyan, Inc. ViGYAN Wind Tunnel Richard White USA 2004
Virginia Polytechnic Institute  VPI Aerospace & Ocean Engr Virginia Tech Stability Wind Tunnel William  Devenport USA 1989
Volvo Volvo Wind Tunnel Alexander Broniewicz Sweden 1974
Wichita State University Walter H. Beech Memorial Wind Tunnel John Laffen USA 1965
Windshear, Inc 180mph Rolling Road Wind Tunnel Brian Nelson USA 2010
ZHAW Centre for Aviation - Low Speed Wind Tunnel ALFA for Didactics and Research Michel Guillaume Switzerland 2014

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